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Your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) can be improved in numerous ways. Creating an original meta description is something you need to think about. Each blog post and webpage we make have unique meta descriptions written by the MTB Strategies team.

Defining ‘Meta Description’

What is a meta description? A page’s meta description summarizes the information found on that page. Search engines like Google analyze the report to find results that best fit the user’s query. An appealing meta description is a terrific way to boost clicks from SERPs.

Set the Limit at 155 Characters

Meta descriptions should not exceed 155 characters (including spaces). 

When optimizing your pages for search engine rankings, every single character counts. Search results may be truncated if they contain more than 155 characters. Most checkers will alert you if your meta description is too long (above 155 characters).

Include Action Words

Actionable wording clarifies for the reader what will happen when they click on your website. You can use many terms, such as “Discover” or “Learn,” followed by a result. If you want people to read what you have to say and not click away from your website, use straightforward language.

Add a Clear Call to Action (CTA)

The following is an example of a call to action that might be included in the meta description: 

“We are providing this service, and our staff is available to assist you. To learn more, visit the link below.” This summary encourages readers to visit your site for further information. Calls to action (CTAs) like “click here to learn more” or “Try for free” are excellent strategies to attract customers.

Description & Content Should Match

Google may penalize sites with misleading meta descriptions. Do not use deceptive language in your descriptions if you want people to click on your links. Check that the meta description accurately describes the page’s content.

If a reader thinks they’ve been tricked into visiting a page that has nothing to do with what they were looking for, they’re likely to click the “Back” button. Some of the descriptions are just keyword stuffing. Doing so will raise red flags and cause searchers to lose faith in your material.

Make Every Description Different

Your meta description must not read like a carbon copy of someone else’s. If every page’s description sounds the same, no one will ever find yours. A meta description that stands out from the crowd contains unique information.

Your answer or benefit should be readily apparent from your distinctive description. It is possible to increase or decrease your website’s bounce rate depending on whether or not the page content matches the user’s expectations.

Don’t Forget the Focus Keywords

Users are searching for content that contains their desired keyword(s). Understanding your goal keywords and including them in the meta description will make the link to your site more enticing.

While it is true that keywords should be used, the meta description should not be stuffed with them. By emphasizing a single term in a concise narrative, you may make your page more relevant to the user’s search while piquing their interest.

Reasons to Have a Meta Title

The importance of meta titles cannot be overstated. The title is the first thing a user will see in search engine results. As much as we’d want to believe that we don’t judge a book by its cover, the truth is that a user’s decision to click on your website will likely be based on the meta title and description.

Including your brand name and at least one targeted keyword in the title is essential for optimal search engine optimization. Users will have a better grasp of what you provide after reading this. The difference between a new customer and a plain browser can be found in the meta title.

Sample Meta Description

These are all excellent suggestions, but let’s put them together to create an illustration. What would you put in your meta description if you were a company advertising home improvement and repair services? Here’s how it might be arranged:

(Brand Name) is dedicated to meeting your home improvement needs so that you don’t have to. You may get a no-obligation quote for your upcoming home improvement project if you give us a call right now.

The 155-character limit, the inclusion of the term “house renovation,” and the inclusion of a call to action make this meta description effective. Your meta descriptions’ search engine optimization (SEO) will benefit significantly from being succinct and to the point.

Let the Pros Handle Your Meta Descriptions

A good meta description is a relatively minor factor in a website’s overall performance. MTB Strategies has the resources and know-how to attract your ideal customers to your website through all the methods above.

Feel free to contact us today with any inquiries you may have, and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible. If you need professional website management, we’re here to help. We understand what it takes to run a successful page and will collaborate with you to ensure that your page achieves its full potential.