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You see it every time you search for anything. That mysterious box just above the organic listings on Google. It’s below the Google Ads at the top, but it has the most prominence on the page, what with that box drawn around it and all that. Then, inside that box are three companies, and only three. Just below that is a little button marked “more places”. Ever click on that? We generally don’t either.

What you are looking at is the most valuable real estate on Planet Earth. It’s called Google My Business. We call it GMB for short. Takes less time to say it.

So how did those three companies in the box get to be there? What about the pages of companies listed after them? Don’t they get a shot? Is this fair?

Yeah, it’s fair. The people at the top are there, in the so-called map pack because Google is biased and from their end, for whatever reason, those three companies have the most authoritative presence. Google knows that if someone is searching for, say, a pest control company, these are the three that everyone seems to like the most, for whatever reason.

Well…it’s not “whatever reason”.

There are more than 60 factors that affect the map rankings, and they are different from the factors that affect the organic rankings in the section below the map box. We know these factors. Like, really well. We have techniques and strategies that boost map rankings, and given enough time we can get anyone into the map pack. Sometimes it can take 6 months. Or in a competitive environment it could take longer. 

We had a client who was number 18 on the maps. Nobody ever called him. His web presence was useless. It took us a little more than a year of relentless work, but we got him into the top three. Six months after that he was number one. Now, he gets between 175 and 250 calls a month. Sometimes we call him and he’s away on vacation. Far away.

When we said it was the most valuable real estate in the world we weren’t kidding.


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We are a complete digital marketing service.  Sorry, let’s restate that: We are complete “make you money” service.

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We are relentless in our pursuit of business growth for our clients.  If you are ready, we can help you grow your business.

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What about Google My Business?

There are many aspects to your whole GMB presence on the web.  First it needs to be set up.  It needs pictures. 360s. Info. A description. GMB posts, questions and answers, and a host of other things that need to be managed.  But first, if you don’t have a GMB listing we can set it up for you, and show you have to verify it, and then optimize the heck out of it.  Once it is verified, you are now officially on. the. maps. There’s a pin with your company name on it, and its very exciting.  But now we have to move you up so people see you before they see anyone else, and that’s when your life can change.  

We live for that moment. We earn a great living in our work, but helping people grow their businesses really gets us out of bed in the morning. 

Call us today to discuss your GMB listing, and all the things you can do with it that you aren’t doing, but need to.  Really really soon. 

What you need to know about GMB

Why you should use GMB?

We’re all about building up businesses and putting them on the virtual map so they can compete online. Local search is super-important and that’s why we love Google My Business. It’s such a simple tool, but it can make such a massive impact, helping convey the correct information about your business and showing you off in the strongest possible way online. If you’re unsure whether your Google My Business account is optimized or not, contact us to see how you’re doing. We can also help you with other aspects of your digital marketing.

How does GMB work?

Google My Business is probably the most comprehensive business directory ever created. And local search is on the increase so it’s essential for businesses that serve customers in their local area. And did we mention that it’s free – there are not many powerful business tools that are free, but Google My Business is. GMB provides the ability to advertise your brand, products, sales, specials, events, and offers — for free. You’ll gain more visibility for search terms that are the most important to your business and promote your brand to wider audiences — all without having to spend a dime.

What are the benefits of GMB?

Reaching more people: When you post on GMB, it increases your visibility in search, meaning more people will find your business online. With Google My Business posts, it’s easier to reach a wider audience.

Building brand awareness and affinity: Because you can communicate directly with local customers, you can easily build awareness and affinity with your brand. You’ll be able to provide your audience with better information to help them through their buying process, as well as keep them current with timely updates such as changes in business hours.

Engaging with your audience: GMB posts allow you to engage with your customers right in search. Using posts on Google My Business, you can improve your audience’s experience with videos and photos and provide information right when they want it.



Let the people who know what they are doing handle it.  We have a suite of tools and strategies that we use to gently prod Google to look in your direction.  


We know how to do Google Ads campaigns, and get you the most bang for your buck.  We set up campaigns, and we maintain them, and adjust them for our clients so they are constantly spitting out leads


No matter what your needs are, we can build a site for you that looks great, will be mobile responsive, and will help you pull in business. 


We will set up your campaign. We will create a dynamite landing page that’s attractive without being distracting. 


Get your fantastic space publicized the way it was meant to be – in full 360 degree panorama. Ensure that your Google My Business listing is fully kitted out with every bell and whistle available.


We provide strategic social media management services to market your company properly through social media. 


Over time, we can help you turn the ship around, and create enough good information, good reviews, good press so that what people find makes them want to call you…again.


If you don’t have a GMB listing we can set it up for you, and show you have to verify it, and then optimize the heck out of it.


One thing we focus on for our clients, like a laser beam, is getting your phone to ring. You email box to fill up. For people to walk in the door.  Lead generation.  THAT is what it is ALL about. If someone calls you looking for your service, you now have a shot to make that money.  If they don’t call you, you have NO shot.

We are a complete digital marketing service.  Sorry, let’s restate that: We are a complete “make you money” service.  We can take your company to a new level; from nowhere to somewhere, or from somewhere to everywhere using an arsenal of extremely powerful weapons that include web design, cutting edge ranking strategies to get you high on page one, and ranking high on the maps, and pay per click advertising.


Don’t you think it’s time you made the internet really work for your business?  We think it’s time. As yet another saying goes, if not now, when?

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