06 - organic insta content strategy

As you examine your account’s insights and develop an updated content plan, keep the three pillars mentioned above in mind. Let’s examine suggestions for enhancing Instagram’s reach, engagement, and lead generation.

Instagram Content Types to Expand Your Reach

Create creative content that maximizes opportunities for discovery to increase reach. Try out the advice provided below.

Collaboration Posts

The content of your account will frequently only be visible to your followers in their feeds. Use native methods to increase the number of people who see your content if your audience is modest or your reach is generally low.

You can collaborate on content creation with another company or creator using Instagram’s Collaboration function. The post automatically appears on both accounts’ grids after you use the Collaboration tool to invite your content creation partner. Additionally, it can appear in the news feeds of both accounts’ followers, so this method can rapidly broaden its audience.

Remember that any work created with this tool should be a genuine (and unpaid) cooperation. Make sure they add a Paid Partnership tag using the Branded Content tool if you pay a brand partner or influencer to produce content for you.

Suitable Hashtags

It’s unlikely that including trending hashtags in your article will expand its audience. However, by including pertinent hashtags in your material, you can increase the chances that it will appear in other feeds. That could then broaden the audience and promote discovery.

When you incorporate pertinent hashtags into your material, it may show up in hashtag feeds and on hashtag pages. Anybody using those hashtags may find your material, and anyone following them may see it in their news feeds.

Your material might also show up on the hashtag’s top-performing tab if it is really interesting. Top-performing content always comes first on a hashtag page, so this positioning might encourage more discovery.

Avoid utilizing hashtags that are very popular and have a lot of competing material if you want the best results. Try to utilize hashtags that have been used more than 10,000 times but fewer than 1 million instead. By conducting a hashtag search and visiting the hashtag’s page, you may determine usage rates.

Searchable Text

Adding as much context as you can will also aid Instagram in delivering your material to your optimal target market. Use pertinent keywords in the post and reel captions if you haven’t already. By including keywords and key phrases, you may inform Instagram about the content’s subject and improve the likelihood that it will turn up in a relevant Instagram search.

Don’t, however, stop at captions. By including reel captions and on-screen text, you can broaden your audience and increase searchability. 

Try utilizing the Instagram app or another native tool like Business Suite to add text and captions if you usually do it with a third-party application before uploading. comparing reach stats after that.

Compelling Content

Even though Instagram has reduced the quantity of recommended material that shows up in the feed, producing recommended content is still a practical approach to expand reach. Verify that your account is eligible for this opportunity by checking your account status. This will ensure that Instagram can promote your material.

Then, produce unique, compelling content that Instagram will probably suggest to users who aren’t already following your account. Examine your account insights first to identify posts that attracted more unfollowers than followers. then determine what characteristics of those postings made them especially recommended, and include those characteristics in next posts.

Instagram Content Types that Will Boost Engagement

Reach and engagement are interwoven on Instagram. Engagement is used by the algorithm as a ranking signal, so the more people engage with your material, the more likely it is that they will see it in their feeds. Utilize the advice below to produce interesting content, then take advantage of that engagement to establish closer relationships with prospects.

Carousel Posts

Businesses had to give Reels top priority because Instagram leaned strongly toward short-form video content in the beginning of 2022. The platform has publicly admitted that its earlier concentration on Reels may have been too severe, even if Reels still significantly increases reach and engagement for many businesses on Instagram.

As a result, the platform started looking for a better ratio of photo and video content. Since then, Mosseri and other authorized Instagram outlets have reaffirmed that Instagram would continue to give priority to balancing the two types of content in 2023. This means that, as long as they adhere to the aforementioned guidelines, photo posts can aid in the achievement of goals.

Because each item in the carousel can appear in the feed, therefore generating several opportunities for your audience to respond or comment, carousel posts are specifically created to maximize interaction. Encourage followers to swipe to see more in your carousel posts to maximize their worth.

Reels Remixes and Trends

You shouldn’t stop making reels just because Instagram is reintegrating photo postings into the stream. To ensure that your reels are producing interaction rather than just reach, you should take the necessary steps.

Pay attention to components like hooks and transitions in reels to increase viewer interest. You may boost the likelihood that your audience will watch your reels for a sufficient amount of time by adding captivating transitions and strong hooks at the beginning.

Uncertain on the topic to use for your reels? A fantastic place to start is with trends. For regular trend roundups, visit the official @creators account, or peruse your Reels feed to find trending music. Then contribute to the discussion by coming up with your own spin on a fashion.

Using Instagram’s Remix tool, you can also reply directly to trending content. This choice is excellent for expanding on viral content, engaging in conversation with another brand or artist, or displaying how your company approaches a particular problem because you can modify both photographs and videos.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

No matter how compelling the material created by your team is, keep in mind that user-generated content (UGC) can outshine even the best branded content. To thank your audience and give your Instagram account a little more authenticity, make it a point to share UGC frequently.

Always ask the original creator’s permission before reposting UGC on your Instagram feed. Alternately, you can share content to Stories using the Sharing feature built right within the Instagram app. Then highlight the best-performing user-generated content (UGC) in your Instagram story.

Interactive Instagram Stories

Instagram’s algorithm favors showing your account’s stories to followers who frequently interact with the content on your feed. Use this cycle to your advantage by encouraging followers to interact more with your stories so they will see and interact with more of your content across the app.

With the help of stories, you can strengthen relationships with your followers and move them farther down your marketing funnel. Use them to engage fans more deeply with your brand, pose queries, and get feedback.

Give your audience specific cues to participate. You can, for instance, invite followers to respond with their opinions, ask them to participate in a poll, or request that they provide material using the add yours sticker. Check out these examples of Instagram Stories to get ideas for your own.

Instagram Content Types to Increase Lead Generation

Most of the time, your Instagram goals won’t be reach and engagement. Nevertheless, these are crucial stages toward achieving goals that are revenue-focused, like generating leads. Use the strategies listed below to turn interested followers into leads.

Message Buttons

Surface-level engagement can be greatly improved through comments on posts and reels. But it’s frequently advantageous to communicate with them in DMs when you want to turn prospects into leads (and eventually into customers). There, customers can ask more detailed inquiries and you can discover more about their requirements and difficulties.

Create material that specifically encourages prospects to communicate with you in DMs if you want their business. Tease a lead magnet or a unique offer in a post or reel. Direct followers to your offer by sending your account a DM by mentioning it in the caption.

By including a messaging button right on the post or reel, you can make it as simple as possible for prospects to DM you. In the Instagram post or reel composer, use the Add Message Button option to accomplish that. You can select whether to receive DMs over WhatsApp or Instagram if you also have a WhatsApp account, it should be noted.

Instagram Notes

Making use of Instagram’s Notes function is another strategy to promote DMs. Similar to tales, notes can have up to 60 characters of text and are shown at the top of the inbox for 24 hours. Tap for followers to reply to your message in a direct message (DM).

Open your Instagram inbox and click the + icon at the top of the screen to add a remark. Then, create a succinct prompt within the allotted 60 characters. To capture the interest of your audience and elicit a response, use the strategy below—teasing a lead magnet or a special offer.

It’s crucial to remember that not all accounts may yet have access to this service. It started to roll out in December 2022, and by March 2023, it was widely accessible to creators. It could not yet be accessible for Instagram business profiles, though.

Lead Generation Stories

Outside of Instagram, it can be challenging to interact with potential customers because the platform only accepts links in a few specific settings. However, if you use Instagram’s lead generation tools, you may provide potential customers more ways to demonstrate interest in your company and enable interactions off-platform.

Create a new tale and touch to add the get quote story sticker to use this form. The active lead form that you have on Instagram is instantly included. 

Creating High-Performing Instagram Content: Some Tips

You now know what kinds of Instagram content to post to get more followers, engagement, and leads. But how do you pick the appropriate subjects to cover and materials to employ? Top-performing content might give you continuing inspiration if you add it to your feed. Reverse-engineer successful posts and produce your own using the advice provided below.

Observe Hashtags

To identify hashtags relevant to your industry, use the in-app search feature on Instagram. Look through the posts for engaging and high-quality stuff. Tap the Follow button if you discover hashtags that draw in high-quality material. When you see hashtagged content in your feed, analyze what makes it effective and use that information to improve your own postings.

Verify the Suggested Content

Instagram will only suggest posts and videos that have already aced the platform’s reach and engagement tests. They undoubtedly already have tens of thousands of likes and comments if you’re seeing them in your feed. Pay special attention to what makes these Instagram photos stand out, then come up with ideas on how to incorporate those elements into your business.

Watch the Competition

Despite the fact that you should ideally exceed your competitors, they can also serve as a great source of inspiration for your material. I advise adding the best rivals and artists in your field to the Instagram app’s Favorites feed. You’ll not only see their greatest content more frequently, but you can choose to simply see your favorites feed, which will help you conduct market research more quickly.


You risk missing out on important chances to expand your audience and convert followers into customers if you stick with last year’s content strategy. The advice given above will help you change your Instagram content strategy and capitalize on what will be successful in 2023.