04 - find paid social media keywords with hashtags

We all understand the significance of content and keywords in digital marketing, right? However, there is a point that can be overlooked in the discussion. I’m referring to finding sponsored social media keywords by utilizing the top hashtags.

The folks in your target market—those seeking out what you’re attempting to sell—are connected to you through keywords. Keywords can assist you in establishing those crucial connections and ensuring the success of your campaign when putting up paid social media marketing.

It might be challenging to choose the right keywords to use throughout your marketing copy. If you’re not clear which ones are accurate, you risk missing the mark and your target audience. The most popular hashtags may serve as a first source of ideas for your paid social media marketing. Need to know more? Visit MTB Digital Marketing to help you. Let’s now talk about how to locate the most popular and effective hashtags for social media.

Hashtags’ Value in Paid Social Media Strategy

Why are the top hashtags significant for getting ideas and finding keywords? because if you know where to look, they may offer a wealth of information.

The top hashtags offer pertinent insights into the discussions taking place around a subject when you locate them. Their strength is in the data you may glean from authentic, live sources. As you look deeper, you might find trends you can use in your advertising. Finding popular hashtags can also lead to similar hashtags and phrases. For your paid social media campaign, you may also use hashtags. I’ll continue with that now.

Tips for Using Trending Hashtags in Paid Social Media Campaigns

Find the most popular hashtags first. Start with the current trends in your sector and work your way up from there. You can use a variety of hashtag checkers as well. I’ll compile some later.

Investigate Things Related to Hashtags

How will you apply the data you gathered? for motivation. The following are some ways that the hashtags, words, and phrases you discover can help your paid social media campaigns:

  • For Text: The language of your advertisement can be developed using what you’ve studied. Incorporate the terminology your target market employs while also paying attention to the content of the postings and the hashtags. Understanding how individuals communicate might help you speak more effectively to their problems and their preferred solutions.
  • For Image: What types of photographs are most frequently associated with those top hashtags for images? Let what you discover associated with hashtags assist select the photos you employ, whether you want to utilize a stock image in your advertisement or design your own. Your social media advertisement might even become more interesting by using a meme you find.
  • For Target Audience: To help you determine the specifics of your social media ad reach, do hashtag research. How are these hashtags being used? Who lives there? What is their age? What else are they curious about? These statistics can assist you in focusing your advertising on the right audience.
  • For Sponsored Posts: Hashtags may assist you identify a recent post to support financially in addition to improving the relevancy of your paid social approach. Try using various trending hashtags in your postings on each social media network. You may employ such hashtags as part of your paid social media plan after they have helped your posts perform well organically.

Finally, keep an eye on and research the popular hashtags. What are their results? And how do other people interact with them? For instance, is the hashtag you’ve chosen receiving a lot of impressions? How many people use it in posts? Are there any clicks, shares, or likes on it?

Top TikTok Hashtags for Paid Ads

The most popular hashtags on TikTok are a great method to spread the word about your paid adverts to more people. The visibility and engagement you gain from using these hashtags in your advertising efforts will boost the number of clicks and conversions.

Consider a specific audience when using hashtags for your TikTok advertisements. That entails selecting pertinent hashtags that appeal to your ideal clients, as with other platforms. You should also consider the most recent trends.

Create eye-catching, interesting content to attract TikTok users and use some popular keywords to maximize engagement. To do this, you can include some excellent photos, videos, and music. Additionally, sounds are important because 93% of TikTok users say they utilize the app with the sound on when using it.

Track and evaluate the effectiveness of your TikTok ad campaigns as well. Then, you may utilize this information to improve your subsequent hashtags.

The hashtags that other people use might teach you a lot as well. You may find a wealth of consumer insights and competition analysis by searching the hashtags.

Top Facebook Hashtags for Paid Ads

Let’s start with Facebook, one of the most well-liked online marketing platforms. With approximately three billion users each month, there is a lot of useful information available for identifying the most popular hashtags on Facebook. Don’t let the fact that you are probably only in contact with a small number of people deter you. Your Facebook ads’ audience is completely up to you.

To acquire the most visibility, you must pick the ideal terms before writing the advertisement. Facebook hashtags are useful in this situation. Facebook suggests more hashtags to use after you write the one that intrigues you.

Additionally, you can look through Facebook’s bookmarks for current events, crisis management, and other pertinent topics. These might shed light on why a subject is one of the most popular Facebook hashtags.

Top Instagram Hashtags for Paid Ads

Instagram is a hashtag-heavy platform, making it perfect for finding trending hashtags. Additionally, using hashtags is essential for Instagram marketing. Statistics show that posts with just one hashtag receive 12.6% greater interaction. The amount of interaction on posts with 11 or more hashtags increases by 80%.

To uncover the most popular hashtags on Instagram, start by typing your hashtag suggestions into the search field, just like on Facebook. Additionally, auto-fill suggestions will let you know how well-liked certain hashtags are based on how many people are using them.

This is a great opportunity to discuss how hashtags don’t always transfer into keywords and phrases for your sponsored social media plan. It could be necessary to switch from a brief hashtag to a forceful, natural way of speaking. Here are some pointers to help you do that:

Check These Hashtags to Hear What Influencers Are Saying

Find influencers and spend some time watching the Instagram stories and video posts related to the hashtags you are investigating. Listen to how they discuss the matter. What are a few essential phrases that are frequently used?

Read and Take Notes on What the Hashtags Are About

Read the content instead of watching the videos. What do they intend to express with those character counts? Here you can discover common buzzwords and the substance of the hashtag subjects you are researching. A popular hashtag might be “#cleanbeauty,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s about skin cleanliness; it could also be talking about the toxicity of beauty products, congressional oversight, industry rules, or how to determine what’s safe for your family’s skin. Understanding the problems and discussions that underlie the subjects might help you organize paid social media material in a useful way.

How to Use Instagram Hashtags Aloud

It can be awkward, so I hope you’re working alone: It’s time to start talking to yourself. Do it now. Saying it aloud may help you break out from “internet speak” and adopt a more natural tone as you’re jotting down ideas we covered earlier and beginning to write your social media ad text.

Top X Hashtags for Paid Ads

To see what’s trending, tap the magnifying glass symbol at the bottom of your screen when accessing X (previously Twitter) on a mobile device. On your desktop, click “#Explore” on the left side of the page, then “Trending” to view the most widely used hashtags right now.

Based on its editorial team and algorithms, X now believes the following themes are crucial, and you can see how many posts (formerly tweets) use those hashtags. X is ending several of these promoted hashtags, so keep that in mind.

Click “Show More” or the “Explore” area on the desktop layout to find out more information about these subjects and other ones that are currently in use.

Finding appropriate niche hashtags may require much research. When you observe a discussion or post about a subject that is relevant to your sector, look up those hashtags.

Also, don’t be hesitant to jump on a trending issue before it spreads like wildfire when you see a spark of inspiration, like a new hashtag that is just beginning to get traction.

Top LinkedIn Hashtags for Paid Ads

Where can I get the best LinkedIn for paid advertisements? There are several methods to begin your search for the most popular hashtags on LinkedIn. LinkedIn displays the number of users that are currently following a certain hashtag when you select one. You can use this information to determine how many people would view postings using that hashtag. Additionally, you will see popular postings using that hashtag.

When you follow a hashtag that interests you, you may select “Discover new hashtags” by clicking on the three dots to the right of your following hashtags. Go directly to LinkedIn’s Follow Fresh Perspectives page to see the top hashtags, accounts, and businesses that LinkedIn suggests if you want to bypass those processes and just get started exploring.

Context is Crucial in LinkedIn

One of the most crucial things to keep in mind with LinkedIn is that it’s different from other social media sites. If you’re a B2B company looking to share industry knowledge and strengthen your brand, this Englewood SEO Company site is superior because it is more of a professional networking platform.

Additionally, you can “show off” your knowledge on LinkedIn. The golden rule for sharing material on LinkedIn is to concentrate on producing information that is pertinent to your niche and your potential clients.

Top Pinterest Hashtags for Paid Ads

With your paid social media marketing, are you attempting to connect with a DIY-inclined audience? You can see what’s popular right now on Pinterest. Hashtags aren’t as important and encouraged on Pinterest as they are on other networks. A post’s keywords appear to be equally important for searching.

There is a solution, though, if you’re seeking popular hashtags. The mobile app allows you to log in, make a new pin by clicking, and add a hashtag to the description field. You can find a list of the best substitutes along with statistics on how popular they are.


Utilizing hashtags as a jumping off point is crucial when using paid social media. They ought to generate pertinent material for your specific target audience. You may learn more about someone by looking at their hashtags, interests, and online communication style. 

As you join ongoing online discussions and target new customers, popular hashtags can also provide new opportunities for your social media strategy.