03 - how to excel in linkedin marketing

With over 950 million members and 63 million firms listed on the network, LinkedIn is still the most popular B2B social media platform. They all use it for a variety of purposes, including social selling, personal and corporate brand development, and recruitment. 

You and your company are undoubtedly both on LinkedIn, but how can you stand out from the crowd and make sure that your time and money are being spent on initiatives that will have the most impact?

In this article, we’ll give you 5 excellent methods for using LinkedIn to expand your reach and help Englewood SEO Company build brand awareness.

Tip 1: Utilize the New LinkedIn Tools to Save Time

To help you save time and perform at your best on the network, LinkedIn has included a number of new tools and capabilities. Time is valuable, as we all know, so anything that will help you post with a few clicks and expand your audience is worthwhile to try. 

  • Scheduled Posts – You can set a future time and date for your posts and schedule them for free. This implies that content can be written in bulk at convenient times for you and at a time or day when your audience will be most active.
  • Business Pages Can Now Follow One Another – LinkedIn can suggest Pages for your company to follow. This function is excellent for monitoring rival businesses and building a feed of your clients’ and customers’ pages to facilitate their activity.
  • Recommendation Sections – Content may have started to appear in your feed under the headings Suggested or You Might Like. The LinkedIn TikTok-inspired algorithm alerts you to subjects, people, and companies that it believes you’ll find interesting. It’s a terrific approach to easily stay current and spot emerging concepts or fashion trends.

Tip 2: Combine Audio & Video in Your Media

Video is a crucial component of social media content, as we all know, but how can you make sure your videos are effective? Insights from a recent VidMod study that examined approximately 10k LinkedIn video posts are available to help you make the most of your video creation efforts.

Use audio events to further blend your material instead of only using video. Companies like Mastercard have been organizing events like these to actively engage with their community, share their thought leadership in real-time, and provide Q&As. 

3. Integrate Professional & Personal Activities

The amount of people leveraging their own brand to help social selling in their businesses has dramatically increased. By featuring a person rather than a logo, it serves to humanize a company and can promote brand awareness and deeper connections. 

This strategy works very well since personal profiles have far higher reach and engagement rates than company profiles due to the proverb “people buy from people.” 

To benefit from 75% reduced lead generation expenses and 78% better sales success, think about which personnel you can use who have a profile on LinkedIn.

4. Reach Out to Micro-Influencers

For B2C, micro-influencer marketing has taken off on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. However, using influencer marketing as a component of your B2B strategy on LinkedIn is a terrific idea. 

These influencers ought to have a high level of trust, be authorities in their sector, and connect with your target audience. They may be employed by you, or you may be able to locate them by employing social listening technologies, hashtag and mention analysis, and more thorough target audience research. 

Keep in mind that influencers will only collaborate with companies that support the development of their own individual thought leadership brands. 

Finally, consider how influencers that work across various platforms could increase the exposure of your company on sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

5. Increase your Social Selling Index (SSI)

The Social Selling Index (SSI) on LinkedIn measures how effective a user is at “selling” on the platform. It determines how well you do on LinkedIn in comparison to others in your network or sector and aids you in determining whether your audience is interested in your material. 

Knowing your SSI enables you to improve a number of aspects of your selling and engagement. MTB Digital Marketing Create a professional identity, interact with LinkedIn Insights, use LinkedIn features, and look for relevant connections on the site, as these are the best strategies to raise your SSI score. It’s an excellent approach to set goals for yourself to produce engaging content because the higher your SSI score, the better you are at creating engagement.