Scribbles Learning Center

Find a quality child care center A parent must make a tough choice when deciding on one of the many daycare facilities or preschools to enroll their child in. You may browse through all 136,629 suppliers available in the United States. Based on your preferences and your kid’s requirements, narrow down your choices from among the various child development facilities. To locate the ideal child care option, feel free to utilize the page’s childcare center search box.

The goal at the Scribbles Learning Center is to provide your kids with the things they need to develop and do well in school. With the help of their professionals, your children will get high-quality care, play, and education that will improve them as people. The primary method through which a youngster acquires the abilities required to succeed academically is via play. Review this site.

  • Affiliated with New Jersey Cares for Kids of Bergen County and the Urban League of Hudson County, and licensed to operate by the Department of Children Protection & Permanency (DCPP) and the State of New Jersey Department of Children & Families Office of Licensing, offering subsidized child care.
  • It has been operating for more than 15 years.
  • The family is committed and friendly.
  • Credentialed staff with First Aid and CPR certifications, a security system, and rooms with video monitoring.
  • Free meals, a playground outside
  • Schedules: Part-time and Full-Time
  • Fundamentals and Comprehensive Curriculum

The size and focus of child development facilities in Edgewater vary. While some daycare facilities provide advanced curricula and the most recent preschool innovations, others are smaller daycare facilities that have a more laid-back childcare philosophy. Finding the best childcare facility for your kids is crucial, regardless of your preferences. By compiling basic details like size, location, and licensing data for child development facilities in Edgewater in one place, they have simplified the work that at first seems to be insurmountable. 

Home Daycare Provider

When parents decide to leave their kids in someone else’s care while they go to work, they struggle. There are several options for child care, from preschools to institutional daycare centers. A home daycare, sometimes a family daycare, is a more personal choice. These occur inside houses instead of establishments and more closely resemble playgroups of young children from the local community. Home child care provides a lower kid to “teacher” ratio than commercial centers or preschools, allowing each child to get the best care without his parents.

Parents should review their state’s regulations regulating the licensing of home daycare providers before deciding whether to put a kid in one. Not all states demand licenses from the providers, and others only want permits from those who look after six kids or more. The kid’s safety will be guaranteed by first investigating the state’s rules and then the credentials of the person providing the home child care.


How can I add my child care center to the childcare center?

Enter your name and a few more simple details to establish an account (include a clickable “create an account” button on the page). Important Make sure to indicate your account type as a childcare facility or a provider of in-home daycare, depending on which best suits your offering. Users registering as “Parents” are not permitted to list childcare centers. Instead of your postal address, use the ZIP code for your facility. You’ll be taken straight to the login screen by doing this. To log in, use your newly established password and email. An automated redirect will bring you to a list of service providers in your zip code. See whether your building is on the list already. If so, choose “Claim/Update” to go right to your listing and begin amending the details if you can’t find your business there. Direct access to the web form where you may enter your information is provided. Just click “Submit” after responding to the questions. Within 48 hours, you’ll get an email letting you know whether or not your listing has been accepted.

I’m unable to access my listing; why

Your listing won’t be visible if you just registered; it must first be approved. They’ll send you an email in the next 48 hours. Tell you whether or not your listing was approved. They’ll let you know what needs to be changed or added if it’s refused.

Why wasn’t my request for a listing approved?

The following are the most frequent reasons for denying a request:

  • Incomplete information Please complete all fields.
  • Incorrect email address. Use a legitimate email address, please, while registering.
  • Your daycare is not included because they only list daycares that are written.
  • A home daycare enrolls as a childcare facility.
  • The registration of a childcare establishment as a home provider
  • You lack a license, or your license is no longer valid.

How can I learn the costs and vacancies at a particular provider for my child?

In certain instances, a provider’s listing will contain the pricing range. You must speak with the provider directly to learn about prices and any vacancies for children.

How can I get in touch with a childcare center I found on childcare center directly?

The childcare provider’s direct phone number is often included in their listing. They have the Child Care Licensing Program’s phone number when it isn’t. 

Why did you delete my review?

Reviews that do not adhere to their rules may be removed at their discretion. Please read our criteria and write another review, keeping them in mind if yours was deleted. We do not eliminate thoughts just because they are unfavorable.

Can I sign up as a parent and a provider at the same time?

Per the email, a single kind of listing or account is allowed. You must register each account using two separate emails if you need to register as both a parent and a provider.

You may reach them via phone at (201) 864-5719 or on their website. Discover here!