Sojo Spa Club

A reimagined Korean bath house, SoJo Spa Club delivers an unrivaled wellness experience by fusing spa traditions and procedures from across the globe under one roof. SoJo is located on the Hudson River in Edgewater, NJ, just outside New York City. Check this out.

The vast, multi-level, cutting-edge facility has been carefully constructed to provide a completely immersive rejuvenation and relaxation experience.

Facilities consist of:

  • There are nine seasonal specialty outdoor pools and two healing baths.
  • Eight different saunas
  • An Infinity pool with city and sea views in all directions.
  • Japanese imports from Ibusuki include volcanic sand baths (currently unavailable due to COVID-19)
  • There are designated indoor and outdoor lounge areas.
  • Scrubs used in traditional Korean baths
  • Acupressure therapy uses some procedures derived from traditional Chinese medicine.
  • ESPA is a full-service spa offering body treatments, massages, and facials (facials and body treatments are currently unavailable due to COVID-19).
  • Seasonal and food court outdoor grills offer a variety of food and drink choices.
  • The boutique motel has four suites with king and double beds.
  • The fitness facility features a selection of cardio and strength training equipment.
  • Six desk areas with office chairs, two phone booths, and a conference room with WiFi are all included in Cowork Space.
  • Open nine to nine-thirty every day.


Outdoor Pools and Baths

Their therapeutic baths and outdoor heated pools are available all year round. These pools and baths are the ideal places to unwind and revitalize your spirit, whether it’s raining, snowing, or on a bright sunny day.

Saunas & Therapy Rooms

Unwind and revitalize in their distinctive saunas and treatment rooms, which support a variety of wellness advantages, from reducing your body’s stiffness and stress to enhancing blood circulation and your immune system.

Locker Room & Bath House

The bath house, which is open daily and is situated beside the Hudson River, provides a getaway from the stresses of everyday life. SoJo Spa Club offers a contemporary, reimagined version of the same relaxing methods found in Korean bath houses to the broader NYC region.

Indoor & Outdoor Lounges

In one of our numerous relaxation rooms, rest and take in the stunning views of New York City and the Hudson River. Their outdoor baths are close to a lot of outdoor seating, perfect for sunbathing in warmer months.

Korean Body Scrubs

At SoJo Spa Club, get a genuine Korean body scrub to learn more about Korean culture. People in Korea visit a jimjilbang (bath house) as often as once a week, where the sauna, steam, soak, and ultimately get scrubbed with colorful mitts. These scrubs are significantly more potent than American-style salt scrubs because they exfoliate every inch of you—and they mean every inch.

Volcanic Sand Bath

Benefit from the sand bathing custom that has been introduced to SoJo Spa Club from Ibusuki, Japan, in collaboration with Hakusuikan. Natural alkalinity in mineral-rich volcanic sand enhances its cleansing and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Additionally, it transmits heat from adjacent volcanoes that have warmed subsurface springs. Using cutting-edge engineering, they could reproduce this experience so that you might benefit from this special treatment without having to go halfway across the world.

Fitness Center & Yoga Studio

Before you wind down and relax, you may now work up a sweat. Their gym is officially open for business! To help you feel reenergized, our cutting-edge fitness facility is equipped with a range of weight- and cardio-training machines.


All visitors must either provide evidence of obtaining the complete COVID-19 vaccination (two doses of Pfizer, Moderna, or a single dose of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine) or have a COVID-19 test negative performed no more than 72 hours before arrival. No need for booster injections. This program, together with their policy requiring that all staff either obtain the vaccination or consent to weekly testing, are steps they are doing to assist stop the spread of the virus.

The NJ Docket app, the NYS Excelsior Pass app, the NYC COVID SAFE app, or an original, digital, or photocopy of a CDC vaccination card are acceptable forms of vaccination documentation (both sides required).

A negative COVID-19 test result obtained within 72 hours after a visit to SoJo Spa Club may be provided by people who do not wish to divulge their status or who are not completely vaccinated or are unvaccinated. Home testing results are unacceptable; they only accept PCR and Rapid tests.

For visitors who have just gotten through COVID-19

If you recently overcame COVID-19, you are welcome to enter SoJo Spa Club with proof of your recovery (i.e., your positive COVID-19 viral test result on a sample taken no more than 90 days before the admission and a document confirming your clearance from a registered healthcare professional or a public health officer). Note that the sample test may not be one that can be taken at home.

How are you ensuring that both your personnel and visitors are safe?

They are dedicated to providing the safest environment possible for both our guests and employees. It is important to note that SoJo already used cutting-edge sanitizing and hygiene practices, but they will be improved upon and closely monitored, including:

  • Increased cleaning and disinfection procedures should be followed for all frequently accessed surfaces, such as handrails, sinks, countertops, credit card readers, and elevator buttons.
  • A modern HVAC system with ion protection removes hazardous viruses when they come through the air vents (applicable to both AC and heat).
  • Additional hand-washing facilities are located on each level and in public areas.
  • All employees must get COVID-19-specific training and wear protective equipment (PPE). Staff members must also receive the COVID-19 test weekly.

How can I contribute to making the environment safe?

Without you, they’ll not do this. Please postpone your spa appointment until a day when you feel better if you are sick, particularly if you have COVID-19 symptoms. They kindly urge that you avoid going to SoJo Spa Club if you are presently sharing a home with someone displaying symptoms similar to COVID-19. Please respect the limitations that have been placed in place and follow the instructions of their personnel, who are on duty to assist in maintaining a secure atmosphere for you and your fellow customers. Keep your face mask on whenever you can, and wash your hands thoroughly or use their hand sanitizing facilities during your stay. I appreciate your cooperation in advance.

Which cleaning agent does SoJo Spa Club employ?

Ecolab Peroxide Multi-Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant is an FDA-registered multi-surface cleaner that is 99.999 percent efficient in destroying germs and is effective against new viral pathogens.

For more information, you may visit their website or call (201) 313-7200. View more.