Pure Barre

With more than 500 facilities throughout North America, Pure Barre is the most significant and longest-running barre brand. Pure Barre, which boasts a loyal clientele of more than 550,000 people, emphasizes modest motions that produce substantial improvements. The ground-breaking Pure Barre method is available in various class options that emphasize strength, cardio, and flexibility for individuals of all fitness levels, giving customers time to concentrate on themselves and improve their bodies and minds. With Pure Barre GO, which offers weekly class streaming, customers can now get their Pure Barre fix whenever and wherever they want. See more details.

barre class offerings

Pure barre class formats

Their group lessons concentrate on low-impact, gentle motions that, in 50 minutes or less, can build and tone the whole body.


if you are new to this. Pure Barre or simply barre. Their small group class leads you through the fundamental Pure Barre movements using a sequence of high-intensity, low-impact exercises intended to tone and build your body. Your confidence will increase as you learn how our approach works and everything that barre has to offer.


Their first barre class is Ball + Weights + Double Tube Classic. The full-body barre workout that uses their patented method is the quickest and most efficient low-impact exercise. You’ll be guided through many low-impact, high-intensity isometric exercises for 50 minutes to increase your flexibility while fortifying and shaping your body.

Pure Reform

Sliders + Strength + Resistance

Their full-body barre exercise, Pure Reform, uses resistance-based strength training to target and restructure all of your main muscle groups. This 50-minute barre class incorporates resistance-based motions that strengthen your balance, coordination, and strength while utilizing sliders, resistance bands, and the barre.

Pure Empower

Exercise with intervals, cardio, and barre

the Pure Empower workout combines traditional barre movements with cardio-focused interval training to increase heart rate, develop strength, and speed up metabolism. You’ll work out at an energizing pace for 45 minutes using dynamic motions with ankle weights and a plyometric platform to concurrently target many muscle areas.


Which course should I take first?

Their Free Foundations Intro class is a great place to start if you’re new to Pure Barre. their trainer exposes you to the foundational exercises of Pure Barre in our 50-minute Foundations Intro session in a small group environment and at a slower tempo. In less than an hour, you’ll understand how Pure Barre works and begin to experience its advantages.

What do I put on for class?

Wear a workout tank top or T-shirt and comfy slacks, leggings, or capris (no shorts). To keep your body warm and stop your feet from slipping, you should also wear grip socks (you’ll thank us later). Before entering the studio, you’ll take off your shoes and put on your grip socks (you’ll be laying on the carpet throughout the class, so this is only to make the floors as spotless as possible).

What ought I should bring?

You must bring a bottle of water, a sweat towel, and a happy outlook since they will have all the equipment you want at the studio. Please refrain from bringing your mobile phone to class, per our request. You are welcome to leave your mobile phone at the front desk if you anticipate an important call, and we will come to get you if necessary.

When should I show up for my first class?

As advised, it would help if you came 20 minutes before class starts. The instructor will direct you to where you may leave your items once you have completed a brief waiver and assist you in obtaining the tools you’ll need for the class that day, commonly a set of light weights, a ball, and a tube. About halfway through the class, your instructor will bring you a mat. When you have everything you need, you must choose a position in the studio where you feel at ease and face the front mirror.

Can I use Pure Barre if I’m expecting?

If you have consistently attended Pure Barre sessions, Pure Barre may still be a safe and beneficial fitness choice throughout pregnancy. Because every pregnancy is unique, it is a good idea to check with your doctor to see whether they think you should keep attending class. Certain studios require a doctor’s note. Please inform the Pure Barre staff and instructors about your pregnancy so they may discuss any adaptations you might need as your pregnancy progresses. As with any fitness program, you should stop immediately and see a doctor if you experience any physical pain, faintness, or drowsiness while working out.

Why is my body trembling?

Your muscles are getting close to exhaustion when your body starts to tremble, which is fantastic! Your objective is for the muscle area you focus on during a certain class session to tremble each time. It would be best if you stretched after the shake to lengthen the muscles while they are warm and flexible. Consequently, you have long, lean muscles!

Can you define a few Pure Barre terms?

Tuck: A action in which the back abs are tensed, forcing the hips to roll forward and lengthen the spine. A posture in which a straight line runs from the head to the tailbone is achieved by focusing on the core and neutralizing the spine. A movement is maintained in its deepest, tightest, and lowest position to accomplish isometric contraction. Possible combinations include downhole, lifthold, squeezehold, circlehold, etc. 

Bend Stretch: A little quivering of the joint, followed by an extension and contraction of the targeted muscle. A descent to the music’s Pure Barre pace starts at the lowest position. A steady, controlled movement of one inch in the down-an-inch-up-an-inch direction. Smaller than a whole range of motion but a little bigger than a pulse. Pressback – This usually describes a rearward movement of the knees while maintaining a tucked-in tailbone posture. 

The two movements put opposing forces to work on the muscles to lean and tone them. Low-impact – A low-impact workout is one in which you always have at least one foot on the ground. 

LTB – is an abbreviation for lift, tone, and burn. 

Bend Stretch: A little quivering of the joint, followed by an extension and contraction of the targeted muscle. 

Pulse: A descent to the music’s Pure Barre pace starting at the lowest position.

Studio Reopening Health & Safety Measures

The employees and members are the top priorities at Pure Barre. In these constantly shifting conditions, they provide a full calendar of virtual courses and activities for your well-being and fitness. To ensure that every one of our members has a safe class experience, stringent health and safety precautions are being implemented with new studio requirements as studios open up around the nation. Visit their website or call (201) 500-9394 for additional details. Click for additional info.