05 - how marketers use ai to boost content strategy

The digital world as we know it is quickly changing thanks to AI-powered technology. AI is swiftly rising to the top of the list of solutions sought after by organizations looking for novel methods to increase productivity and optimize their marketing potential.

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is an essential part of how marketers interact with and build relationships with their consumers. If you want to stay competitive in your business, you must develop novel methods to use AI into your strategy. How can you take advantage of some of the most current AI developments, especially those that focus on automation and data gathering?

How to Start Using AI for Your Marketing Strategies

Let’s look at the various ways AI can be used to automate consumer insights so you can start maximizing your marketing efforts in the interim. Five effective applications of artificial intelligence in marketing will be discussed, including:

  • Competitive analysis.
  • SEO discoverability and search.
  • Creating content.
  • Campaign improvement.
  • Automation in marketing.

We’ll also demonstrate how to leverage Conversation Intelligence (CI), a potent AI tool trained on more than 650,000 hours of audio data, to help you turn customer calls into a competitive edge.

Tip 1: Accelerate All of Your Research

The first stage in developing a high-impact marketing strategy is market research. You can nearly guarantee that your marketing effort will achieve its KPIs and success metrics if you are completely aware of the needs of your target market.

Here, you want to shorten the section of your plan that takes the longest. Utilize AI to immediately assist you and your team by researching your target audience:

  • To make your material more relatable, use your customers’ voices.
  • Make hub-and-spoke content marketing-compatible, high-intent content.
  • Reoptimize the content that is out of date and performing poorly.
  • Assist in identifying powerful topic clusters for better SEO.
  • To always be aware of what interests your audience, stay up to date on industry trends.
  • Discover and keep an eye on the offerings of competitors.
  • Find out about and take control of your service and reputation narrative.
  • You may determine exactly what you need to say to turn a lead into a sale by researching your target market.

Like most businesses, your competitors are probably investing up to seven weeks in finding the crucial data that drives the most income. Utilize AI to do initial and ongoing research automatically to continuously identify and comprehend any developing trends before your competition.

How to Discover Important Marketing Campaign Needs Using AI

Don’t: Spend hours manually scouring “People Also Asked” inquiries on Google or reading through transcripts to find the problems your target audience and consumers have.

Use AI to identify and report the most pressing demands of your actual audience from their interactions with your business. Creating surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, and in-depth interviews may take weeks.

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically interpret customer care calls and report trending needs that can help you inform your marketing strategy and user experience.

Fortunately, CI makes this simple.

Tip 2: Use Fresh Data Sources to Improve SEO

You can get the information you need to produce content that strongly resonates with your audience with the aid of discoverability AI. The appropriate chosen keywords can have a significant impact on your strategy and the search visibility of your business.

You can discover a discrepancy between the language you use to sell your company and the keywords your customers use when you compare what customers say they want to what your firm offers. You can benefit from using Conversation Intelligence, an AI tool, to:

  • Accurately gleaned from talks useful, hyper-relevant key terms and phrases.
  • Recap call information quickly to be more proactive in resolving difficulties before they escalate into bigger concerns.
  • Compared to manual call listening, you can save time.
  • How to Improve Your Keyword Targeting Strategy with AI
  • With the AI-derived insights, you can automatically:

Find the terms and phrases that your consumers use the most frequently at a glance.

To identify new keyword trends, plot their keyword frequency.

Apply the learnings from your research to improve your SEO and keyword bidding tactics and correctly address client sentiment. For instance, a personal injury law company might get a lot of calls concerning “scooter accidents,” even though they may not have known this was a potential market before.

However, given the substantial growth tendency in this CI-spotted keyword, the company may start a completely new market for scooter accidents.

3. Use AI Insights To Hasten Your Content Creation

Although it’s not a good idea to totally rely on AI writing tools, they can undoubtedly speed up your article creation process. Conversation Intelligence can fill in the gaps a standard AI generator misses in order to increase the caliber and relevancy of your material.

How To Adapt Content To The Specific Needs Of Your Audience

Apply the information from CI to your content strategy to acquire significant insight into what your clients actually want:

  • Find out what words and phrases your callers frequently use.
  • Using such findings, ask an AI content generating tool like ChatGPT to generate content themes or even a rough draft.
  • Before you hit publish, don’t forget to tweak the AI content and add your own distinctive spin.
  • Writing a blog post, landing page, email, or promotional blurb? CI can help you simplify the process and take some of the guesswork out of it.

With accuracy close to that of a person, Conversation Intelligence leverages potent AI technology to record and examine your customers’ calls.

Tip 4: Improve Your Campaign Optimization Strategy With AI

The most crucial thing you can do is use a direct integration with Google Ads to automatically qualify leads and convert them into sales. If your AI solution is directly connected to Google Ads, Google Ads will know which keywords and ad creatives generate calls as well as which of those calls results in a hot lead or paying customer.

On the keywords or creatives that actually generate money and not simply calls or clicks, Google Ads can bid more intelligently in this way. You can more efficiently utilize your advertising budget by focusing your expenditure on the most qualified leads, which will increase your return on investment (ROI).

This is especially useful if your advertising budget is constrained.

How to Manage and Optimize Your Qualified Leads

Follow these three steps to begin integrating AI into your campaign strategy:

  • Integrate Google Ads
  • Record phone calls as conversions.
  • Utilize the information to fine-tune your Google Ad campaigns with the most effective keywords and ad copy to increase conversions.
  • Download this free ebook now to discover more about using Conversation Intelligence to optimize your campaigns.
Tip 5: Use Marketing Automation to Boost Conversions and Efficiency

Marketing automation is a useful tool if you want to boost conversion rates and boost the effectiveness of your sales and marketing teams.

AI can assist in predicting what customers will want by combining user data and predictive analytics. Based on insights from previous online activities, use AI to automatically provide customized offers to your clients at the ideal time.

Three Effective Marketing Automation Tools To Improve Your Approach

In need of marketing automation solutions? Here are some strong choices that increase your effectiveness:

  • Chatbots that are powered by AI can be used to process orders automatically, answer frequently asked questions for customers, and recommend products.
  • With the help of Conversation Intelligence, you can analyze your calls and automatically qualify leads based on certain terms or phrases used. Then, utilizing automated notifications for timeliness and relevance, marketing and sales teams can follow up on eligible leads.

It is possible to customize automation and communications by marketing source and track content engagement through phone calls by integrating CI with CRM solutions. For instance, you could program an automated to email every lead whose call exceeds a minute in length.

You can assess the efficiency of all your marketing touchpoints once you have access to the data needed to fully comprehend the whole client journey.

Learn more about how automation may enhance your marketing strategy with AI.

Use Conversation Intelligence To Facilitate Advanced Call Analysis

Recent improvements in the accuracy of AI speech recognition open up fascinating new marketing possibilities, especially for companies that rely on consumer phone conversations. The management and analysis of many calls can be difficult for a corporation that makes a lot of phone calls; this is where Conversation Intelligence comes in.

How Conversation Intelligence Can Increase the Results of Your Marketing

All of your inbound and outbound calls are automatically transcribed and analyzed by CI, which was designed with the goal of comprehending conversations almost as accurately as a human.

  • Improved keyword detection.
  • Improved lead qualification and auto-tagging.
  • Improved sentiment analysis.
  • Saving your staff a great deal of labor.
  • Businesses may better understand their customers’ wants, preferences, and pain spots by employing AI technology to analyze customer contacts.

This plethora of information can enhance customer experiences, marketing initiatives, and overall business results.