2022 christmas strategies

Do you need some inspiration for holiday advertising for your company?

Advertising during the holiday season is a great way to bring in new clients and increase sales. However, with so many active promotions, it isn’t easy to catch the eye of shoppers.

That being said, how exactly do you differentiate yourself from the competition? This article will discuss the best Christmas advertising strategies we have developed to increase sales during the holiday season.

Tips for Creating a Successful Holiday Ad Campaign

Holiday marketing begins with a well-thought-out plan. Managing seasonal promotions and gauging their success without a detailed plan is challenging.

Taking stock of your motivations and strategies before plunging in is essential. The S.M.A.R.T. technique is the most straightforward means of accomplishing this.

The acronym “S. M.A.R.T.” refers to these principles:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-based

So, if you want to increase sales during the holiday season, a S.M.A.R.T. goal could read as follows:

From October through December 2022, we will aim to boost gross profits over the corresponding months in 2021.

Your new objective is not merely to “increase sales.”

  • Specific – increase total gross profits.
  • Measurable – evaluate progress versus the same period last year.
  • Achievable – boosting gross profits should be less of a struggle.
  • Relevant – the winter holidays are prime time for product sales.
  • Time-Based – a quarter-year window.

Christmas Marketing Tips to Try this 2022

Once you have a strategy, you can begin brainstorming ways to implement it and reach your marketing objectives. But if you’re still unsure of how to promote your business best this holiday season, keep reading; we’ve compiled the best ideas for you.

1. Hold a holiday giveaway on your website.

Giving things away is a great way to get people excited about a holiday. 

But at Christmas, their popularity skyrockets because of the season’s emphasis on giving gifts. And competitions and freebies can do the following:

  • Drive traffic to your website 
  • Get more people to follow you on social media.
  • Make your email list bigger.
  • Advertise limited-time offers
  • And much more!

So, a Christmas-themed giveaway on your website is a great way to start the season. Additionally, RafflePress is the most effective tool for those who use WordPress.

2. Create a page showcasing best-selling holiday items.

A landing page featuring your best-selling items is another effective way to kick off your holiday advertising. This is a fantastic way for stores to promote their holiday sales.

Effective landing pages draw the reader’s attention to the content immediately before them. In addition, they incorporate ingenious elements of design to maintain customers’ interest and encourage them to complete their purchases, such as:

  • Journalistic headlines with moving graphics
  • Other media that grab attention
  • Reviews or customer testimonials
  • Verification seals, certifications, or licensing

Putting your best-selling products front and center on a landing page is a surefire way to increase sales.

3. Utilize countdown clocks to build anticipation.

Do you want people to feel F.O.M.O. when they visit your website? If so, you must start incorporating scarcity into your holiday advertising.

Scarcity marketing relies on the premise that a product’s value increases directly to its scarcity. As a result, consumers are more likely to act quickly on a special offer or to purchase a scarce commodity.

It’s much more effective to offer a discount code for purchasing a Christmas tree alongside a countdown timer. A countdown clock adds urgency to what would otherwise be just another advertisement.

4. Make a virtual holiday catalog.

Next, we have an online catalog-based Christmas eCommerce idea that merchants will love. No one here has ever perused a glossy holiday catalog. Physical catalogs are slowly disappearing due to the proliferation of online stores and the popularity of mobile shopping.

This year, instead of sending out paper catalogs for the holidays, why not go paperless? Even if they’re out and about, people can look through online gift guides on their phones.

In addition, you can promote your holiday catalog as you would encourage any other piece of content, including links in social media, a blog, and the site’s navigation bar. Which means it’s simple to increase sales during the holiday season.

5. Create a holiday shopping guide.

A Christmas gift guide, like the one, suggested previously, can be used to advertise seasonal goods.

Regarding blog content, gift guides are among the most popular and widely shared articles. As a result, customers unfamiliar with your company can be brought to your online store.

By including the RafflePress widget for your giveaway in the blog post containing your gift guide, you can turn it into a part of your giveaway campaign. Then, to win the grand prize, you can have users comment with their favorite present.

6. Take advantage of push notifications in your browser.

The holiday season is a great time to use push notifications on your website if you haven’t already. Thanks to a feature called in-browser push notifications, short messages can be sent to a visitor’s browser even after they’ve left your site.

Additionally, subscribers can be informed of anything of interest via a direct communication channel opened up by push notifications. Notifications can be sent about, for instance:

  • Updated holiday gift guides on your site
  • Last-minute deals for the holidays
  • This is the final shipping call before Christmas.
  • Keep the frequency of their use low, or you risk annoying your subscribers with a barrage of messages.

7. Hold a Christmas-themed seminar.

These days, webinars are a common means of communicating with an intended audience. Although it’s a great time of year to use this marketing approach, few businesses do so.

Hosting a webinar around the holiday season is a great way to put a festive spin on an otherwise routine invitation. Incentives such as contests and discounts can be used in place of traditional webinars to draw in an audience and achieve your educational goals.

8. Host a holiday photo contest on social media.

You’ll need a Christmas marketing idea that stands out and grabs attention immediately due to the influx of people using social media during the holiday season. You can do something about it by holding a social media photo contest.

The results of photo contests on platforms like Instagram and Facebook are often surprising. They also serve as an excellent medium for reaching out to the public and introducing your brand to potential customers.

Photo contests on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram work by encouraging users to submit or share an image centered on a specific topic or product in exchange for a chance to win a prize. Hashtags associated with your brand can help people quickly find your giveaway if you’re holding a photo contest.

People could be asked to submit, say:

  • Selfies in hideous Christmas sweaters
  • Accumulated Christmas loot
  • Examples of Gifts
  • Get dressed for the Christmas party!

9. Start a countdown to Christmas giveaway campaign.

Many companies have probably capitalized on “The 12 Days of Christmas” popularity. This is because it is effective.

This Christmas marketing strategy proposes promoting discounted products every day for 12 days. And so, a new product discount is available every day.

In addition to keeping your audience on their toes, a Christmas countdown can add a sense of urgency to your advertising. Shoppers need to move quickly to take advantage of the 24-hour time limit on each item’s discount.

Here are a few of the most effective ways to promote the 12 days of Christmas:

  • Virtual advent calendars
  • Charity efforts
  • Flash giveaways
  • Set or bundled gift items
  • Takeovers by Influencers

10. Post festive social media content to your site.

Make plans to leverage your social media Christmas campaigns to increase traffic to your website. This can be accomplished by incorporating feeds from various social media platforms into your website. Visitors to your website can be presented with timely, relevant seasonal content without requiring you to add new posts manually.

Not only can you display your most recent social media updates in feeds, but you can also customize the types of content that appear in each feed based on the following:

  • Hashtags
  • Phrases used in search engines
  • Target audience
  • Mentions
  • Platforms of communication
  • And even more

Including social feeds on your site is a great way to keep your visitors interested in your site all year round, especially during the holiday season.

11. Activate remarketing ads.

Even if you aren’t aware, you probably already encountered remarketing. Seeing an ad for a product you’ve been looking for online illustrates this phenomenon.

You may feel stalked if your online activity is tracked for future product recommendations based on your previous purchases. However, remarketing is an efficient method of bringing former site visitors back to your page.

Ads relevant to your search history are a subtle way brands try to get you to change your mind. The offer could be sweetened with a discount or other incentive.

You should use the same reasoning for your holiday marketing. Google Ads, the Facebook Tracking Pixel, and other similar platforms allow you to set up remarketing campaigns.

12. Start an email marketing campaign.

Using your existing subscriber base to your advantage is another Christmas marketing strategy for small businesses to consider. Twenty percent of all holiday sales in e-commerce were generated through email marketing alone in the previous year.

Your email list is a treasure trove of untapped potential, just waiting to help you rake in some extra cash during the holiday season. Customers are more likely to read your emails and take an interest in your deals if they have signed up to receive information from your company.

13. Give away shipping and returns at no cost.

People will go to a wide variety of stores when looking for presents. 

So, shipping costs can quickly become prohibitive.

This holiday season, attract more customers by providing them with free shipping. Customers will go elsewhere if you don’t offer free shipping, so why take that chance?

14. Give out gift card promotions.

Next, gift cards are suggested as a Christmas promotion for shops of all kinds. Sending a gift card to a loved one has to rank among the most common forms of gift-giving.

Giving gift cards represent a simple solution to those stumped when buying a present. You can’t assume that customers will notice or care that you offer gift cards for your online store.

Instead, take the initiative and advertise gift cards to your ideal customer base this holiday season. Advertise your gift cards by, for instance:

You should do so if you’re promoting something for the holidays on social media. Please include the following in your email newsletter:

  • As a consolation prize
  • In-browser pop-ups

So, there you have it! We hope this article helped locate your company’s best Christmas advertising strategies.