Orangetheory Fitness Edgewater

In all facets of the Orangetheory brand, the company is dedicated to promoting, enabling, and preserving an atmosphere based on equality, inclusiveness, and diversity. They’ll endeavor to build a culture that encourages growth and development, values and empowers every employee, motivates a diverse franchise network, and uplifts the people. They serve in the communities and members. Discover more about Edgewater.


The 5 Heart Rate Zones

Your coach will lead you through our five distinct heart rate zones—resting, easy, demanding, unpleasant, and all-out—during Their heart-rate-based HIIT exercise, letting you know when to push harder and drawback for recovery. To increase metabolism, burn fat, and burn more calories, you should stay in “The Orange Zone” for 12 minutes or longer.

What Happens in Class


85% of your body’s muscles are engaged throughout each row, enhancing your endurance, strength, and power.

Training in Strength

They switch up our floor and weight workouts daily so that you may concentrate on various muscles. Your coach may provide alternatives for every action if you have injuries or limits.


You will go at your rate according to your fitness level, whether you walk, jog, or run. As alternatives to the treadmill, They also offer bikes and striders.

What Happens Doesn’t Stay in Class.

Orangetheory is a heart-rate-based, total-body group exercise that blends science, coaching, and technology to ensure the best outcomes from the inside out. It is made to rev up your metabolism for MORE calorie burn, MORE outcomes, and MORE self-assurance, all of which will give you MORE LIFE. Because the work you accomplish in Their studio will significantly impact your life outside of it, Orangetheory is more than just a gym.

Become a Member

It doesn’t take long at their studio to realize that they are a community rather than a competition. Each of us aspires to be a better version of ourselves so that they may live longer, more fulfilling lives.

Ask About Our 30-Day Quit Free Guarantee.

They promise that you will enjoy your time at Orangetheory. Enroll in 12 sessions during your first month, and if you don’t feel that you’re leading a more active, contented, and healthy life, return all of your money and quit.

More than a gym

A group exercise program called Orangetheory is supported by research, monitored by technology, and motivated by coaches to provide benefits from the inside out. They make it easy for you to challenge yourself, be your best self, and contribute more. Their exercises’ most challenging component is just showing up. MORE outcomes. MORE assurance. Life More is not just a gym. So you shouldn’t live for your workouts. To live, you need to get exercise.


Describe Orangetheory.

An hour-long, total-body exercise called Orangetheory focuses on building stamina, strength, and power. They employ Heart Rate Based Interval Training because it burns more calories after exercise than a conventional workout. Your real-time findings are shown on big screens scattered across the studio when you wear one of their heart rate monitors. The training is excellent for all fitness levels since your heart rate zones determine intensity. Their fitness experts will lead the exercise as a bonus to keep you from overtraining or undertraining.

Haven’t I exercised for a while? Can I continue the exercise?

No doubt. All fitness levels are welcome at Orangetheory, and everyone is allowed to go at their speed. They advise doing an accessible introduction exercise before speaking with your coach about any ideas or queries you may have about your fitness objectives.

I’m expecting. Can I continue the exercise?

Consult your doctor first if you’ve been practicing Orangetheory and get pregnant. Heart rate tracking is the ideal technique to measure your intensity as your pregnancy progresses. Wait until after you have your baby if you are a few months along in your pregnancy and haven’t been exercising in any way so that they can assist you in getting back into shape!

What tools do you use at Orangetheory?

Treadmills (bikes and striders), WaterRowers, and floor equipment, including weights, benches, TRX suspension trainers, medicine balls, BOSU trainers, and AB Dollys, are all available in our training space.

Why is the Orange zone so crucial, and what does each of the five zones mean?

Using specially planned and timed interval training blocks, Orangetheory is a 5 Zone heart rate-based interval training method. Participants concentrate on Zones 3, 4, and 5 while working out. The treadmill training element of the exercises is intended to create 12 minutes or more in Zones 4 and 5 combined (to get the after-burn).

How far in advance should I show up for my first Orangetheory class?

To discuss your fitness objectives, set you up on their heart-rate monitoring system, complete any required intake documents, and introduce you to your fitness coach, they ask that you come 30 minutes before your first session. They suggest contacting your neighborhood studio for additional details about your first class and any modifications that could be in effect because of COVID-19.

What health and safety precautions are studios doing to lessen the chance of being exposed to COVID-19?

The security of their team members and staff is their primary concern during the COVID-19 epidemic. The Medical Advisory Board is doing its Work to ensure studios follow CDC guidelines and state and local government guidance since recommendations and data change quickly. 

How can I schedule a class?

Call or sign up online at the Orangetheory location closest to you to reserve your first class. Download the Orangetheory Fitness app after you have an Orangetheory Fitness subscription. You can see timetables, reserve lessons, and get the most recent Orangetheory information.

OTbeatTM: What is it?

Their proprietary heart rate monitoring technology is called OTbeatTM. The ability to see real-time data while working out gives members a unique experience that encourages them to push themselves to their limits. After class, individuals may use the Orangetheory Fitness app and email results to track their progress. You may contact them at (201) 212-6388 or visit their website for more information. Read more info.