Club Pilates

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They think Pilates is the way to a physically more prosperous, more fulfilling life. They think having control over your body contributes to having control over your life. Most importantly, they believe you can begin whenever you choose.


Since its establishment in San Diego in 2007, Club Pilates has grown significantly, introducing Pilates to millions of individuals worldwide. They give our devoted members more than eight million exercise opportunities each year. And they’ve just begun.

Club Pilates provides high-quality, permanently transformative training at a surprisingly low cost. It is true to Joseph Pilates’ original Reformer-based Contrology Method but updated with group practice and enlarged state-of-the-art equipment.

In their opinion, Pilates is the key to a physically more prosperous, more fulfilling life. In their view, controlling your physical well-being contributes to maintaining your energy. The most significant part is that they think you can start anytime.


Get Free Pilates Instruction for Your Body!

Every kind of physique may benefit from Pilates, according to Club Pilates. The ideal way to learn about Pilates and their studio is to take the Club Pilates Intro Class! Please take advantage of a 30-minute full-body Pilates session with one of their skilled instructors, each of whom has undergone more than 500 hours of in-depth Pilates training. This class is a fantastic introduction to their cutting-edge equipment, facility, exercise, and excellent staff. Find a nearby studio and reserve your free Reformer session right now!

Reformer Flow

Reformer-based Pilates with a Contemporary Approach

Discover the advantages of traditional Pilates with a modern twist. Your whole body is lengthened and strengthened in our popular, current Reformer class, which also improves your balance and coordination. Maintain a creative transition from the Reformer to the Springboard, Chair, Mat, and more to ensure that no two classes are identical.

Cardio Sculpt

Get Moving with an Energetic Cardio Workout

The cardio fanatic will love this session since it is high-energy and low-impact. Instead of using gravity as resistance, the jump board enables plyometric movement, producing an easy aerobic exercise for the joints. Each visit raises the bar for your practice, thanks to seamless transitions and limitless class variants. In this fun, full-body Pilates party, raise your heart rate! Bonus: It has been shown that jumping on the reformer increases bone density!

Center + Balance

Stretch Better with Pilates Equipment.

Stretching with equipment assistance can help you rebalance and focus on your body. Light movement and thorough stretching are used in Center + Balance to leave you feeling long and flexible and prepared to face whatever the day has in store for you. Regular stretching improves performance, lowers the chance of injury, and increases blood flow to your muscles while reducing pain and muscular fatigue.


Stand Up & Get Toned

Your glutes and legs become sculpted by control as you discover a new approach to includingstanding at the springboard while using Pilates concepts, inspired by Joseph Pilates’ work with dancers! Every session uses the Reformer, gliding discs, exercise ball, and free weights to keep your body guessing and gaining strength. Your daily life will be improved by adding functional, standing movement to your Pilates routine since it improves your strength, balance, stability, and control. In this session, available training is made entertaining!


Defy gravity & Strengthen with Suspension Training.

Pilates exercises with the incredibly effective suspension training system are combined in a Reformer-based workout developed by a former Navy SEAL and challenge your Pilates body. Strength, coordination, mobility, and balance are all improved by stability challenges. For individuals who run, golf, play tennis, bike, and other sports, this athletic fusion class enhances the efficiency and precision of everyday motions.


Build Muscle and Stamina with Interval Training

F.I.T. is the ideal fusion of low-intensity, Pilates-based strength training, and high-intensity, calorie-blasting aerobic exercise. Interval training, conventional fitness, and modern Pilates can help you achieve longer-lasting, more significant benefits. This class emphasizes aerobic capacity and burns more calories faster. This boot camp-style session moves quickly and is engaging.


Your Goals at Your Pace

With the Club Pilates Teacher Training program, you may finish your studies when it’s convenient. Depending on your pace, you may spend as little as six months or up to a year.

Cross-Training for Young Athletes

Teen is the ideal program for adolescents since it teaches young students how to develop healthy behaviors. In a fun, safe atmosphere where appropriate movement and body alignment are learned utilizing the Reformer, Springboard, and other tools, you may develop self-confidence, strength, and coordination for a developing body.


Ways to learn

For individuals who want to participate in the whole 500-hour program and those who would instead finish training one or more modules at a time, the Club Plates Teacher Training program offers flexible possibilities. Choose the whole Comprehensive package or a specific device—modular education.

  • Comprehensive Program of 500 Hours
  • Chair Module,
  • Mat Module
  • Chair Reformer, Springboard, Cadillac Module, and Special Populations
  • Reformer, mat, and Special Populations Ladder barrel, Jr. Spine Corrector, and Magic Circle Ancillary Training

Full Apparatus Training

All of the Comprehensive Pilates equipment, along with bonus workshops in extra apparatus, are included in the one-time program price for their instruction.

Study Online & In-Studio

The 500-hour program includes in-studio, hands-on instruction using all the equipment, and a 24/7 online lecture platform.

Mentorship & Support

For the duration of your adventure, you’ll have access to your host studio and Master Trainer. As you advance each step along the way, learn from knowledgeable educators!

The Studio

They are introducing your brand-new place to stay! Club Pilates studios provide more than just a full-body, low-impact exercise. Club Pilates offers a variety of classes that stretch both your body and mind, opening the door to a more contented existence.

The Workout

You can tell immediately that Club Pilates lessons are distinct from other workouts. TriggerPoint, springboard, EXO-chair, and other tools for enhancing strength, mobility, and stability are added to the reformer-based group Pilates courses.

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The Community

The incredible Club Pilates teachers have more training hours across disciplines than the industry average. You’ll get individualized care in a pleasant group atmosphere with others who know that it’s vital to remain adaptable on life’s path.

Studio & Equipment Sanitization

Each participant will get instructions on properly cleaning the tools used in class. After class, staff will also clean all tools and studio areas with improved cleaning practices. Courses may be cut short or added to provide staff ample time to clean studio spaces and equipment. Visit their website or contact them at (201)-877-4070 for additional details.