Apple Montessori Schools Edgewater

Our Mission

The foundation of what they do is to nurture the complete kid. Our goal is to educate, enlighten, and inspire kids to become the kind, self-reliant, curious, and joyful people they are meant to be. By encouraging a continual enthusiasm for learning in a secure and nurturing atmosphere, they maximize the importance of the formative early learning years. Children flourish in the classroom and beyond by encouraging parent relationships, supporting continued professional development for their staff, and developing socially responsible global citizens and leaders.

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The core principles of Dr. Maria Montessori are incorporated into the philosophy that underpins the Apple Montessori School. Their approach is designed to continuously build on the unique abilities and information each kid learns at each age level. Thanks to the multi-aged classrooms equipped with rich Montessori resources, your kids will be actively involved in their learning process.

They won’t become bored while waiting for others to catch up, so they may move rapidly through a new, complex subject or on to another activity. They may carry out these similar tasks repeatedly until mastery is attained. This may be accomplished without feeling hurried or pressured before one is ready. Their sense of achievement serves as motivation for success.

They believe it is fundamentally important to

  • Recognize, nourish, safeguard, and respect each child’s physical, emotional, and intellectual uniqueness. Create a secure atmosphere that fosters each child’s confidence and creativity.
  • Give kids the chance to grow according to their abilities and interests.
  • Offer educational opportunities and enrichment that will serve as the cornerstone for a lifetime of learning. Offer initiatives that promote autonomy, self-assurance, and social responsibility.
  • The child’s sense of achievement serves as reinforcement to promote ongoing success!

The Edgewater Preschool serves kids between the ages of 2 and 6. It is open to families from Edgewater, Englewood Cliffs, Guttenberg, Fort Lee, North Bergen, Ridgefield, West New York, and other communities. It is situated at 8 Adelaide Place.

They provide before and after-school care, summer camp, and preschool and kindergarten programs. Your child will develop a love of learning under the guidance of their team of compassionate educators in a stimulating, enjoyable, secure, and encouraging atmosphere.

The ferry and other modes of public transit are easily accessible from their attractive school, which is directly adjacent to the Edgewater Public Library.

Children may easily explore different Montessori items in their roomy classrooms. Their school has a FasTracKids area dedicated to multisensory, interactive learning. Their expansive playgrounds, guarded by padding and safety turf, are enjoyed by kids of all ages, as is their on-site swimming pool. Additionally, for the convenience of their families, a morning drop-off service is provided.

Arriving soon: A unique outdoor classroom is being developed at this site! They can hardly wait for their pupils to benefit from wonderful educational opportunities in this novel natural setting. According to studies, outdoor learning environments improve students’ cognitive, physical, and emotional growth. Their carefully planned outdoor classroom will be an addition to the kids’ regular education, including topics like real-world skills, arithmetic, physics, botany, language, and more!

Security and safety must come first. State, federal, and municipal government guidelines are combined with our extensive health and safety protocols.


Apple Montessori’s Unmatched Programs

Children aged six weeks to twelve may enroll in baby, toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary programs at Apple Montessori Schools.

Apple Montessori offers a well-rounded education, emphasizing academics and social and emotional growth. With engaging, hands-on materials, we develop the complete child and Encourage kids to pursue their hobbies at their own pace. They go above and beyond the standard Montessori methodology to ensure your kid reaches their full potential within and beyond the classroom.

Children are most vulnerable to learning development from infancy to age six. Because of this, finding the best early education program is one of the most crucial choices you’ll ever make. Schedule a visit to explore how Apple Montessori’s Modern Montessori curriculum maximizes these essential early learning years.

Nurturing and encouraging caregivers

Their babysitters take great delight in giving your child a cozy and caring atmosphere because they like what they do. They support achieving developmental milestones to promote independence, self-assurance, coordination, attention, and concentration. The comprehensive baby program nurtures your child’s innate drive to learn.

Insightful guidance as they grow

Experts in child development concur that in addition to a supportive environment, children thrive best in one that provides them with the right opportunity to reach their most significant potential. Their focus throughout the toddler period is on nurturing your child’s independence and inherent curiosity, which develops a lifelong love of learning.

Inspiring discovery & development

By designing our preschool/kindergarten Approach to Learning Program after their elementary school program, which comprises the advanced core curriculum, enrichment, and beyond, they prepare pupils for academic achievement for life. Each child’s developmental requirements are considered while designing the classroom, which offers a range of options that appeal to their innate intelligence and curiosity. Through multisensory resources, the curriculum places emphasis on the process of world exploration and discovery.

Highlights of Apple Montessori for the Kindergarten Year:

  • Thanks to personalized instruction and hands-on learning, children may study at their speed. Their classes have no “average” kid since each child is a particular person, and They value that.
  • Strong readers are created via proprietary reading programs.
  • The class leaders are the kindergarteners. The bigger kids may lead by example and guide the younger kids in our mixed-age classes.

An Unmatched Elementary School

For over 50 years, Apple Montessori Elementary has been a dependable innovator in education. We provide an unmatched education and maximize each child’s formative years. The outcomes speak for themselves: Their students routinely surpass their counterparts nationally in key academic abilities. The advantages go beyond academic success; by fostering the complete kid, we develop leaders, lifelong learners, and global citizens, not simply better students.

Your Child’s Fast Track

Your kid will enjoy the educational journey that is FasTracKids Enrichment Education. FasTracKids teaches essential learning abilities, including critical thinking, creativity, communication, and teamwork, through multisensory learning methodologies and interactive technology to prepare the complete child for school and life.

STEAM: An essential part of early childhood education

An integrated experience like STEAM links and engages student learning. Involving them in problem-solving activities and hands-on learning inspires youngsters to be inquisitive, wonder, and creative thinkers. Early brains are like natural sponges, able to absorb the core ideas of STEAM at a young age and apply them to many areas of their life, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Summer Camp

The summers at Apple Camp are exciting, safe, enjoyable, and educational. Their hands-on robotics and coding curriculum, music, theater, the arts, athletics, Montessori classes, and more fill each day with fun, interactive activities. Continue reading blogs.

Visit them to learn more about the many ways your kid will flourish at Apple, see their whole-child approach in action, meet their compassionate staff, and more. Visit their website or contact them at (201) 580-3945 for additional details.