Meeting Peter was dumb luck. He came into my office looking to utilize my business services for his personal needs. I remember when he first came in, he said he was very impressed with my business conduct and told me I wasn't putting myself 'out there' enough to be noticed. Encouraging me that I had a great service to sell and that my business could be better thriving - He offered his services to me. He was such a believer that my business could be the best in its industry and convinced me to partner with him to be exactly that. Though reluctant at first, I thought it was time to trust the 'professionals' to help bring my business to the next level.
IMMEDIATELY, Peter and his staff at MTB Strategies got to work. They revamped my Logo, Website, Google Listings, and started implementing Marketing tactics that I had never even heard about. SUDDENLY, I saw a huge increase in sales!
After Covid hit and the State shut us down indefinitely. I contacted Peter to let him know that I would probably have to end our contract as I was bleeding expenses. He convinced me that now was the time to put my efforts into my Marketing. To do something different than everyone else. That while everyone else was shying away and cutting expenses, that I should continue to invest my resources into expounding on our Marketing. Even more reluctantly, I decided to trust in his expertise. As soon as the Executive Order was lifted - BOOM! We hit yet another record breaking surge in our business.
The staff is no exception to Peter and his discipline. Eileen (MTB's Operating Manager) has been God-sent. She has guided our every need with immediate response and has managed to juggle all of our requests with pure elegance. She has always had the best interest of our business and continues to steer us through every obstacle. Though always professional, never once did I feel she was impersonal. Eileen is what you get when you combine the heart of an angel, the eloquence of a muse, and the drive of the devil. Her experience is second to none and will never disappoint!
A huge thank you to MTB. Truly, the leaders in what they do.

"My organization has been working with MTB Strategies over the past two years, and the team has helped my organization to expand our digital marketing program and make it more effective, meaningful and measurable. Peter and Eileen are like an extension of my marketing department because they have taken the time to truly understand my business and what is important to me and to the customers we market to. I feel confident that my social media is being looked after and I love how accessible the MTB team is whenever I have questions or concerns. I cannot recommend MTB Strategies enough to anyone looking to grow their digital marketing presence!"

"TWO HUGE THUMBS UP !!!!! I started working with MTB Strategies 1 year ago in October. Peter’s approach to obtaining my business was pleasantly non aggressive. Even though I went on a tirade of how the Yelp’s, Yodle’s, and others of the internet ‘OPTIMIZATION’ company’s had basically stolen my hard earned marketing dollars. He came up with a very cost effect strategy for my “small” Pest Control company. He went on to say if I wasn’t satisfied I could opt out at any time. No minimum 3 to 6 month commitment like ALL of the others. So what the heck, I gave him a shot, and boy oh boy what a difference in our sales. Thanks to Peter and his team I no longer enjoy any slow time at ALL. Every day and weekend is booming. He is determined to have me add 6 new trucks to the company. I have no doubt that we will be adding at least 2 in the very near future. I could not have done it without MTB Strategies and Peter Wallach. Looking forward to a very long and profitable partnership."

It wasn’t long when MTBStrategy became a true partner in our success. Their operations manager, Eileen, made sure our needs were not only met but exceeded. From SEO to website updates every piece was executed with precision. When issues arise their expertise really shine through.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Peter and his team at MTB Strategies on multiple projects. I have nothing but positive thoughts and feedback regarding these experiences. The team was exceptionally responsive to my requests and reached all of our objectives ahead of schedule. As a result, the number of leads we have coming in has increased significantly. I have been particularly impressed with my interaction with the owner, Peter Wallach. I have always felt as though he put my interests ahead of his own. If you are considering hiring MTB Strategies or partnering with them, I would give you my strongest recommendation.

I have been working with Peter for about a year now and I am proud to call him a friend at this point. He built my website and handles the search engine optimization for my packaging company. Sales continue to come in through his new outlets and we are very happy. Give Peter a call if you are looking for honest pricing and production! 5 stars!

Marketing at its finest. My website looks amazing, and Peter actually took the time to learn more about me as a person before creating it. Due to that, my website is very personalized and gorgeous. Not only that, but he’s done the work to make sure my rating on google has increased and my phone is definitely ringing more. I can’t stress enough that this is definitely the best marketing firm out there!

Peter has shown a great knowledge of the best SEO practices to boost our Preschool and Daycare. He is efficient, hardworking, and passionate about helping his clients reach their business goals. Peter is one of a kind and the BEST CHOICE if you want to see results!

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