MTB Strategies work with you to grow your business


It’s easy to get started.  It should be, and it is . . .

First, we will set up a very short call with you, and anyone at your company you think should be “in the loop” with respect to finding new customers and growing the business.  

We will have four important questions


Are you really good at what you do?

Everyone usually says “yes” to this one, but please try to be objective. We can work with any answer – (but always tell us the truth).


Do you WANT to grow your business?

Or are you happy with what you have, and you want to just let it ride? (you would be surprised to hear that some people really feel this way, and that’s OK, but not if you want us to bust our keesters trying to get you leads. We are very hungry over here.  You need to be too). 


Can you close new business effectively?

Or do things slip between the cracks?  We only work with clients that can close the business we send.  An extra 10 leads a day will mean nothing if people don’t get called back. We need you to get the business we send so your revenue heads north.  If your revenue doesn’t go up, neither does ours. Right?  You can’t pay us what we are worth if you don’t make the potential business we send you turn into actual business. 


If you received a 30% jump in business or 40% or 100%, could you handle it?

Is your production at capacity, or do you have the ability to really handle the growth? (we aren’t kidding around, and we are very good at what we do, so this is important.)

We need to hear “YES!”...

(with the exclamation point)

…four times in a row to agree to work with you. If you can’t do that, then we probably are not the best fit. 

Once we get the answers to all those questions, and the answers are a resounding yes, then we will do research and due diligence to determine certain factors that we need to know to make your leads start coming in.  We will confer with you along the way to discuss our “focus points” and then propose a plan of action. 

In relation to what we will accomplish for you, our upfront fees are fair, and we are always willing to think outside the box to help people get started.  We know that six months down the line the situation will look very different, so we are willing to work with people to make it happen.  Like we said above, this doesn’t work if you don’t make more money, so we help you make more money, and grow your business.  We want you to be a client of ours for a very long time, and we want you to refer us to everyone you know, so once we are in, we are all in.  

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